Jumat, 15 Februari 2013

ORIFLAME Tender Care Cherry (Limited Edition)

Hello guys! so today i'd like to review my favorite lip balm all the time
its Oriflame most famous product TENDER CARE
tender care usually looks like this

but i got this limited edition tender care in CHERRY! im so excited, i personally dont really like the original one because of its smell and texture, the original one feels much more sticky and smells like honey, propolis (?) or something. i dont really like that kind of smell for my lip care. so, i decided to buy ONLY the limited one (fyi oriflame often gives limited flavor like vanilla, chocolate, etc and there is always a promo if they launch the limited one) i bought this for IDR 39.000 or around 3 bucks FOR TWO! yeah thats what i meant.   actually, one tube is enough for like 6 months maybe? its really long lasting. 

lets check it out!

it comes with simple maroon with silver writings box, but once you open it, you'll find a cute text telling you to "treat yourself". inside the box, there are sunflowers (i think) printed picture.
the pot itself is maroon colored, with oriflame's ancient logo of tender care in silver (from the first they use that logo) and its a little bit glossy as you can see.
from my experience, the silver line will fade away in month and leaving you an uninteresting pot. hahaha but its not really matter.
having a pot like this can be a disaster for those hygienic people since you have to dip your finger inside. thats a bad news.

the first impression about this product is the smell, when i smell it right from the pot, it smells like cherry in a blackforest cake but very sting. but once i try it on my lips it just turns into something sweet but still cherryish(?) which is i like a lot!
AND this product is multipurpose, you can use it every where on you skin as caring balm, i also use to calm any mosquito bites and any redness appeared.
im gonna say i LOVE the texture because its not sticky at all. its not really heavy on your lips, its just perfect.
in the pot you can see the product dont have any color, but it gives you a natural gloss.

so here it is on my lips

i love this! this product really moisturizing my lips, i found that my lips turn pinkish as i use this everyday. im not lying, really. my friend who introduced me to this product also has such lovely pink lips. my lips also turn smoother and smoother. now my lips feel healthy :D

Senin, 10 Desember 2012

REVIEW Baviphat Paprika Trouble Out Toner

Hello girls, since this is my first time reviewing beauty product, so i choose to review my favorite product.

Today i'd like to tell you my story with one of Korean cosmetic & skincare brand called BAVIPHAT.
it's BAVIPHAT Paprika Trouble Out Toner.

As you can see, it comes with very unique package, paprika! I bought it from online cosmetic store for more or less $10 or 105.000 IDR from www.lynlynshopaholic.com 

I'm not sure what the ingredients are because all you can see in the box is Korean text.

its already second bottle of using for me.
So, lets review this thing!

  • its not sticky at all
  • fresh feeling after the application
  • in some case, it does heal my acne
  • moisturize 
  • cleanses excess sebum and dirt
  • in my experience, it doesnt work on the oil. my face keeps oily after 2-3 hours